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Welcome to Clean Cut Trees, Joe and the team pride themselves on being the best managed and planned tree surgeons in Pembrokeshire and Carmarthenshire.

Milford Haven based Tree Surgery & Garden Maintenance

With over 10 years experience in arboriculture and a wealth of expert knowledge, we offer a comprehensive tree management service including removal, dismantling, felling, crown reductions and dangerous wind blown trees. We are a local business that thrives on recommendation and can cater to our clients needs in a way that larger companies can only aspire to.

Please contact us now for a free quote or impartial advice on your trees. We are fully insured up to £1,000,000 and all work undertaken is fully compliant with BS3998: Tree Work-Recommendations.

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Dismantling / Full Removals

One of our climbers will dismantle the tree using safe and correct climbing, rigging and cutting techniques. Using rigging techniques helps to prevent damage to structures or as they are known in the industry; ‘Targets’, under the tree.

Crown Reductions

Pruning selected branches to reduce the size of the crown. Crown reductions can allow more light in to a property whilst still retaining the tree.


Felling a tree can only be achieved if there is enough space for the tree to fall into without causing damage to any targets. A felling cut is made at the base of the tree to create a hinge. The hinge allows the tree to fall in a certain direction without veering off course.

Dangerous or Wind Blown

Dangerous trees or Wind Blown trees can often lead to disruption or damage. Trees can be blown over in high winds or large branches can snap off and become lodged in the canopy. We can help clean up any dangerous or wind blown trees.

Other services

Joe normally meets all clients before undertaking work. Fixed appointments are always offered. All work is personally undertaken by Joe to ensure a high quality of work and customer satisfaction.


We offer mowing services from mulching or collecting to scarifying lawns to encourage new growth, also weeding and seeding old lawns and new ones.

Garden Improvements

From a general tidy up to a complete over haul of your garden, we can help with design all the way to completion.


We can offer a wide range and styles of fencing to suite your garden.

Example Work

Excellent and quick service to fix a storm damaged fence!


Professional and excellent service carried out! Couldn't thank you enough. Highly recommended!


Excellent service!! Joe came today despite the rubbish weather and has done a phenomenal job!! Thank you Joe.


My garden was in a right mess and the transformation is amazing would recommended him 100% thank you so much.


My garden was in desperate need of a good tidy up, thanks to Jo today it's looking so much better.


Very professional and is there when he says he will be. Excellent work.


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Clean Cut Trees is available to discuss any requirement you may have, or to simply provide a quote.


Clean Cut Trees operates in Pembrokeshire county and Carmarthen county, operating out of Milford Haven.

Please feel free to ask for a quote or gain advice on any queries you may have by using our contact form. As a visual aid, please add any appropriate images so we can get a better understanding of your needs.

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